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A Hunter lives here with the Dear of his life Nice 8pt Whitetail Buck - Lenawee County, MI - 11 Nov 2011

If you enjoy Whitetail Deer Hunting we believe you will enjoy

Deer Hunting Page

Enjoy watching us shoot holes in the "defective by design" Large Bore Shooting Tree
and the FALSE CLAIMS made by Sportsman's Guide even in their current mail order Fall 2011 Shooter's Catalog.

Lenawee County Conservation League

Front Sight - Firearms Training Institute

Gun Owners of America
the NO COMPROMISE citizen rights organization

2nd Amendment Articles

National Rifle Association

if you have young children or young grandchildren you should IMO teach them the Eddie Eagle Program (Firearms Safety for the very young) which you can find on the NRA site they have a cartoon style video with a catchy tune that will leave the young 'uns singing (and dancing) the firearms safety rules of the very young 1) STOP!! 2) Don't Touch! 3) Leave the area. 4) Tell an adult.

makers of GREAT firearms
if you want a .45ACP 1911 pistol
VERY seriously consider a Kimber
highly recommended

Kahr Arms
nice compact 9mm & .40S&W DAO pistols
"Preferred Choice of Undercover Armed Professionals"

Crimson Trace LaserGrips
EXCELLENT laser sights mounted in the grip
highly recommended


Shiloh Sharps


Schmidt & Bender

Henry Repeating Arms


Civilian Marksmanship Program

Outdoors Unlimited
Official ISP of the NRA

Rock River Arms
AR-15 rifles & .45ACP 1911 pistols

Fobus Holsters
lots of people like these
I don't like the non-adjustable one I have
gotta have adjustable tension on an injection molded holster IMO

Traditions Performance Firearms

Speer Bullets

Mitchell's Mausers

Dillon Reloading Equipment

DPMS Panther Arms - AR-15 style rifles

Kirkpatrick Leather Company - holsters

LaserMax - guide rod laser sight


The Sportsman's Guide

Enjoy watching us shoot holes in the "defective by design" Large Bore Shooting Tree
and the FALSE CLAIMS made by Sportsman's Guide even in their current mail order Fall 2011 Shooter's Catalog.

Surefire POWERFUL small Tactical Lights

Springfield Armory
dept. regs say you gotta have a DA?
consider the XD

SWFA - rifle & spotting scopes

XS Sight Systems

DeSantis Holster & Leather Goods Company

Savage Arms

Safariland Holsters


Lee Precision reloading tools

Barrett Firearms

Guns Guns Guns: All Resources About Guns


Midway USA

Hogue Grips

SIG Arms


Mad River Canoe - okay, okay, I know this is not a GunLink but it is decidely an outdoor link

Kramer Handgun Leather

Triton Cartridge Corp.

Custom Arms Co. - Glock modifications

Gun Vault

Crises Resolution Training Consultants

Liberty Safe

Les Baer Custom Guns //1911's and now AR-223's also

Butler Creek Grips - by Michaels of Oregon

Coronado Concealment Leatherware

Trijicon optical sights

Precision Made Cartridges - one source of the new DOCTERsight a compact red dot holographic sight

Fort Knox Safes

Compasseco, Inc. - Adult Airguns

A.G. English, Inc. - Safe Headquarter

R&D Enterprises - The Handgun Safe

Smith & Wesson

Crime & Guns

Crime, Deterrence, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns,
by John R. Lott, Olin Fellow in Law and Economics at the University of Chicago Law School and David B. Mustard, graduate student at the Department of Economics

National Tactical Invitational

Bushmaster Firearms

Shepherd Scopes

Don Johnson Gunsmithing

The Scout Rifle Archive

The Steyr Mannlicher Scout Rifle Page

Weapons Safety Inc.

Lethal Force Institute - Police Bookshelf - Armor of New Hampshire (Massad Ayoob)

Defense Training International, Inc. (John Farnam)

Guide to Internet Firearms Information Resources

Shooters Gunlinks

The Firearms Training Site

Self Defense Firearms Training by Greg Black

United States Practical Pistol Shooting Association

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