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Country Jack's Bee Links

Click on the logos, pictures, or hypertext names and descriptions to go to that site. Enjoy surfing the WORLD of bees, pollination, and beekeeping.

Country Jack's Honeybee Farm
Honeybee Improvement Program
VARROARESISTENT, Treatment Timing Tips, etc.
German Bee site - English version
German speaking website
Beekeeping links from around the world
BEESOURCE.COM - Barry Birkey - plans for bee equipment, bee topic bulletin boards, ViewPoint, etc. - excellent site - enjoy
Sue Cobey's OSU Bee Breeding Page - Short Courses - NWC
Jan Tempelman - The Netherlands
Swienty - beekeeping products including an AI device
Argentine site
Mike Reddy's Skep FAQ
The Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive
Letter to ABJ editor about experiments with essential oils
The UK Apis homepage
Mississippi State University - Beekeeping Tips - Dr. Clarence H. Collison
Beltsville Bee Lab - bee diseases, etc.
Dr. Keith Delaplane videos order page - "A Year in the Life of an Apiary"
Landscape Planting for Bees
Florida Bee Botany
Mites and Disease - University of Montana
Honey should not be fed to infants under 12 months of age.
USDA regulations governing Honeybee and Honeybee semen importation - does it look like the USDA wants to have a monopoly on this to you?
BillyBee - Kid's Corner honeybee games
also on this site more educational info on honeybees plus recipes using honey including a couple of salad dressing recipes

USDA - Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
educational material

Honey and Bees - Baking with Honey - Photos and info on Bee Diseases

B-Plus Newsletters by Dr. Roger Hoopingarner

Swedish Beekeeping Site - queenrearing info - download excellent Freeware educational Honeybee Program (get it for your kids and your area schools too) - excellent photos - styrofoam hives - creamed honey

New Zealand Beekeeping - lots of photos - LOTS of links

Barry's Bee Page
Plans for hives, frames, observation hive, etc.

Canadian Site - lots of links - good info - humor too

Midnite Bee - Maine based site - lots of links

American Apitherapy Society - bee venom therapy info

Kangaroo Island Ligurian Honeybee Sanctuary, Australia

Surrey Beekeepers Association - United Kingdom - links to other countries, etc.

Dave & Janice Green - The Pollination Home Page: Portal to Pollination Info and Images - very good and informative pollination info

International Bee Research Association

This is an electron microscope picture of a female Varroa mite - the bee parasite that has caused HUGE losses of honeybee colonies in most parts of the world.

IACR-Rothamsted Dept. of Entomology and Nematology
Colin Denholm's Web Pages on Honeybee Viruses, Varroa mites, etc.
VARROA WWW HUB - all the Varroa on the Web

ARS - Honey Bee Research Unit

National Honey Board - info - recipes

Beekeeping Home Page - links

University of Nebraska - basic education on swarms


Texas A&M - Africanized Honey Bee educational material

Minnesota - links and text

Top Bar Hives - educational

Dr. Michael Brown
Psychology Dept.; Villanova University
one appartus used to test "spatial working memory" in honeybees - look in his list of Publications for work with honeybees - he is now doing work with bumblebees to test their spatial working memory (April 2007)

Orchard Mason Bees
Washington State University

Orchard Mason Bees and Bumble Bees - alternative pollinator info and kits - Knox Cellars
"Bee Breeding: Science, Art and Common Sense"
- Glenn Apiaries - excellent resource and bibliography section included on this site

Griffes Family Index Page

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