Country Jack's Honeybee Farm

Onsted, MI 49265
United States of America

Good Local Honey

won first place in the Light Amber Class at the 1996 Michigan Beekeepers Association Honey Show

Pure BeeswaxCandles

- wide variety of styles, colors and sizes including fancy Christmas Candles, etc. (Plan ahead as Beeswax gets brittle and breaks easily when cold - we do not ship any beeswax products during cold weather) We also sell Pure Beeswax Nativity Scenes, other Pure Beeswax Figurines, Pure Beeswax ingots, etc.

HIP When in operation we sold Queens and Queen Cells

look at these photos taken by Gary Veale 28 Feb 2000 of his Kirk Webster style "mini" nucs overwintered in MI on two patio blocks unwrapped

In 1993 we founded the

Honeybee Improvement Program (HIP)

- a Cooperative Breeding Program which existed as a cooperative for eleven years. The goal of HIP was to breed honeybees that can survive and thrive without any treatment for the two parasitic mites (Varroa and Tracheal mites) that have killed/are killing so many of our important pollinators, the honeybees. The remaining HIP stock is now under study by the USDA Baton Rouge, LA Honeybee Research Lab.

Learn more about the Honeybee Improvement Program at
and also see our slide show at

When we were in operation we were

always on the lookout for good honey producing beeyards with the following characteristics

in our local area - they must have truck access 24 hrs/day - low pesticide hazard - abundant nectar and pollen producing flora within a mile.

Thanks for your interest and support.
for more information look up articles in these magazines --- American Bee Journal issues, March 1995, pgs. 182-183: March 1996, pgs. 203-205: April 1996, pgs 251-252 ---- and Bee Culture, August 1996, pgs. 494,492

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slide show about Honeybee Improvement Program

one way to actually do something to help the honeybees survive

1995 Honeybee Improvement Program protocol
lots of useful info on subjects like HYG testing and VKf testing

(book segment) Varroa Resistance by Alois Wallner
(part of English Translation - we do have the rest)

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