Certified Farrier - Barefoot Horse Specialist
Jack Griffes

(517) 2 Ought 6 - 44 Ought 5
(so only humans can tell - ought = zero)
Lenawee County, Michigan
United States of America

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Product Review of Cavallo Simple Hoof Boots in progress - started 22 July 2011

1984 Graduate
Wolverine Farrier School

taught by Bob Reaume
tested and certified by American Farriers Association
When you have a hoof trimming appointment

I will come

as near the appointed time as possible.
If I am running a bit behind please remember that I am taking the time to do the hoof trimming right
I will do the same when I get to your place
I appreciate your patience - you know how horses can be sometimes.
Currently serving horses and horseowners within
Monroe and Lenawee counties in Michigan

100% of my farrier clients enjoy the convenience of setting up their next hoof trimming appointment when we finish with the current work.
This saves us both time trying to call and keeps your horses on a regular hoof trim schedule so the hooves stay in the best possible condition.
For the first 14 years I did both trims and shoeing of all types full-time.
Now I am doing barefoot trims only.
I have always preferred barefoot horses.
I do make stops for "just one horse."
Yes, I expect your horses to stand properly to have their hooves worked on
I will work with you and them if that is an area that needs improving at your barn (using sound "horse talk" reasoning).
I firmly believe that keeping horses barefoot and regularly trimmed is best
so long as they can perform their job comfortably and safely that way.
Most horses can go barefoot if you work with them in a common sense fashion.

How to teach your horse to stand perfectly calm while totally UNRESTRAINED for shoeing / trimming / etc.

Start right! Safely mounting a totally green horse for the first time. Defusing the anti-predator responses associated with mounting a horse.

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: 4 January 2012
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